Wild Life Bakery sourdough, smoked brown butter 5ea

Sydney Rock oyster, Tasmanian wasabi and apple granita 7ea

Tea quail egg skewer, pickled lotus root and Sichuan chilli oil 11ea

Prawn skewer, yuzu kosho and mango hot sauce 14ea

Torched kingfish skewer, gordal olive and blackened citrus 14ea

Roasted Sweet Grey Pumpkin, seed satay and fried curry leaf 26

Golden tofu, corn and chrysanthemum 32

Wood fired rare beef, sambal and toasted rice 34

Hot smoked duck leg, red coconut curry and rambutan 36

Chestnut zongzi, charred and pickled shimeji, black bean chilli oil 42

Rock flathead, burnt Jerusalem artichoke and Cara Cara orange 54

Cantonese style barbeque pork, sprouting broccoli and rhubarb 50

Cumin spiced lamb, labneh and green tomatoes 52

Fried and wok tossed ‘salt and pepper’ potatoes 14

Cos lettuce, nashi pear and curried egg 15


Chilli oil parfait, Orange Sugar melon, lychee and lime leaf sorbet 17

Ginger cake, chestnut miso caramel and crème fraîche 19

leave it to us 100

with wine 75