Falco sourdough, smoked brown butter 5ea
Rock oyster, watermelon and jalapeño granita 7ea
Fried quail egg, padrón pepper and curry leaf oil skewer 11ea
Grilled scallop, fish sauce and coriander butter, finger lime 14ea
Greenlip abalone and lardo skewer, abalone soy and kampot pepper 16ea

Tuna crudo, pomelo and tomatillo sambal 32
Heirloom tomatoes, whipped cod roe and purple shiso 25
Smashed crispy duck leg, papaya, pounded chilli and basil 34
Red curry rice salad, grilled calamari and woodfired otak-otak 36
Golden tofu, heirloom zucchini and squash, wild garlic 32

Tempura enoki, charred wombok cabbage and shiitake mushroom 42
Rainbow trout, grilled pippies, flowering garlic and Korean chilli 50
Grilled marinated pork jowl, torch ginger, charred cucumber & lettuce 52
Woodfired lamb belly and cutlets, pistachio and green sauce 54

Ramarro farm leaves, brown rice vinaigrette 16
Charred snake beans, buttermilk dressing and Kashmiri chilli 15


Coconut sorbet, nashi pear and champagne granita 16 
Mirabelle plum, leatherwood honey and mascarpone cream puff 18

leave it to us 100

with wine 75